Cass Adams-Duffield

Balanced Life Counselling

Cass has extensive knowledge of the NDIS, the disability sector and the complexities of being an informal carer. Being an informal carer of a teenager with multiple disabilities, Cass understands the extra difficulties this can bring to life and relationships and can help you navigate your challenges with a deeper understanding and insight.

Cass understands the complexities of mental health issues and believes life is about thriving and not just surviving. Counselling can help you with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, stress management, borderline personality disorder, alcohol issues and many more. Cass will do everything in her power to help you address the issues you identify you need help with in a safe, empathetic, and non-judgmental manner.

What can counselling help with:



Depression can be debilitating and leave you with a feeling of hopelessness.

Have you lost interest in the things that you usually enjoy?

Do you feel constantly sad?

Have you lost your usual enthusiasm for life?

Talking to a counsellor can help you find your way back from depression.



People with anxiety experience excessive worry that is out of proportion that can make it difficult to navigate certain situations, places or things.

Talking to a counsellor with empathy and understanding can help you to reduce your anxiety level and identify coping mechanisms that are suitable and effective for you.



Relationships can be complicated, and sometimes all you need is to be able to talk about the issues to someone unbiased and empathetic.

Counselling can assist you in improving the relationships you are emotionally invested in and your relationship with yourself.



Stress can affect us in many ways, mentally and physically. Working together, we will establish mechanisms to help build your resilience and enable you to identify your stressors.

Together we will identify techniques to help you to be able to cope with the stress that is productive for you and your lifestyle.

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24-hour notification is required for cancellations.

15% discount for clients with a Health Care Card

Face to Face Counselling (1 hour)       $95

Telehealth (1 hour)                                    $95

Walk Therapy (1 Hour)                             $95

At your preferred location – within 10km of Hallett Cove. Walk therapy is simply walking in nature while engaging in therapy. Why not get some exercise while we work together to help you live your best life? We walk side by side and work at our pace. The benefits of walk therapy can be lowered anxiety, depression, and stress levels.